Hope for Fertility

Couples battling with infertility may have new cause for hope, thanks to researchers from a Toronto university. Scientists in Queens’ university have discovered a synthetic protein that can do the job of actual male sperm. This false protein may be a solution for males who suffer from fertility problems.

This PAWP protein works the same way that an actual sperm protein would. And it is able to provide fertilization similarly to the method used by actual sperm. It can activate the egg even from an early embryo stage. More than 10 percent of couples all over the world experience fertility problems, and while this won’t be a solution for the female side of the equation, it could go a long way toward helping many couples who struggle with this issue.

The most common current method of treating infertility is to use healthy sperm and inject it into the egg or embryo. This artificial protein can be used in the same way, making it a viable method for treating infertility.

Many numerous occurrences can contribute to fertility difficulties in couples. Not all of the reasons for infertility are known, but it is understood that environmental factors play a large part in triggering infertility. These factors can come from long-term exposure to chemicals or radiation. Such chemicals could be contained inside foods, pesticides, cleaners and medical treatments.

images1Short term exposure to various toxins can trigger a similar infertility reaction. When performing construction or bathroom renovations, people can be exposed to dangerous substances that can affect their bodies in uncertain ways. Whenever one is undertaking bathroom renovations or similar construction projects, one should wear protective equipment at all times and ensure their skin does not come into contact with foreign chemicals or materials.

Because so much is unknown about what cause infertility, those hoping to have children in the future should take every precaution to protect themselves. They should never come in contact with foreign chemicals or potentially toxic substances. And regular checkups and fertility tests can help determine if fertility is being at all affected by the things they do and the substances around them. Any changes in the motility and healthiness of sperm should be considered potentially hazardous.…

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Household Cleaning Can Have an Effect on Fertility

The way you clean your house could be affecting your ability to have children. It’s the cleaners themselves that are causing the real problems. Many common household cleaners contain ingredients that, when they come in contact with you, can harm sperm and egg counts.

These cleaners include carpet shampoo, pesticides, room deodorizers, polish and more. And the level of pollutants inside your home can be much greater than whatis outside. That is because of the lack of circulation in the home and how the pollutants in these cleaners will cling to many surfaces and not dissipate.

You may want to try alternatives to cleaning products. For example, you may want to vacuum your carpets, rather than shampoo them. Regular cleaning with the robot vacuum cleaner can be just as effective as many other types of cleaning that involve harsh chemicals.

Chemicals should actually be a last resort when you are trying to clean inside. Inside of furniture polish, you can use a wet towel to achieve nearly the same results. And when you do use cleaners, make sure that your work area is open and ventilated. You may also want to leave the room once you spray down cleaners so that most of the particles can dissipate before you return.

images1There are cleaners specially designed to be non-toxic. When you buy cleaners, look for labels that denote that what you are buying is non-toxic and all natural. This way, you will reduce the amount of toxins in your home and improve your fertility levels.

It’s not just cleaners that affect your fertility- it is also many household products that you would use on the outside of the home as well. These include paint thinners, paint, glycol ethers and many other types of solutions that contain heavy fumes.…

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Driving Can Be Detrimental to Your Fertility

While many people wonder what could be causing their lack of fertility, they may be surprised that in many cases, it is something as simple as the tasks you do every day.  It is a documented fact that continuous heat can cause the sperm in the scrotum to become too warm and not function properly.

And people who drive tend to sit in the same spot for long periods of time. This can overheat the male testacies can lead to infertility. As the sperm heats up, production of sperm begins to decrease, and staying the same seated position for an hour or even half an hour at a time can cause this overheating to occur. It can be difficult to shift in your seat as you drive, since you need to be concentrating on the road.

images1What may be a solution for some people is to use chauffeured cars. This allows you sit in the back seat and position yourself in such a way that your sperm is not overheated. Or you can simply shift your seated position from time to time. Chauffeured cars may not be a possibility for everyone, but for those who can afford it, it can be a great fix.

Other people may want to try to take regular breaks while driving. Just getting up and stretching for a moment can not only help your chances of infertility to decrease, but it also help your body wake up and become more aware. This in turn allows you to drive better and safer.

The discovery of driving related to fertility problems was realized after scientists struggled with research that indicated professional drivers and truckers experienced infertility at higher rates than other people. Now the cause is known, and people are able to better prepare themselves and take measures to improve their fertility.


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Pine Bark Drug Improves Fertility for Some

With infertility on the rise, thousands of people are looking for solutions to their fertility problems. Some turn to traditional cures while others are looking for a more scientific approach. Infertility and the results medicine can have on it are difficult to study because of the lengthy time it can take to get results.


That’s why many people are still struggling to find a solution that works for them. It can be hard to tell if a fertility drug is working at all. One application that has shown some promise recently is a fertility method that uses pine bark.

The increase of fertility shown in many men suffering from infertility was between 19% and 38%. Not everyone tested received these astounding results, but enough of them are getting positive outcomes that the drug is being considered for the mass market.

There’s more than just pine bark at work in this drug, of course. It’s not like tree service professionals are the most fertile men on the planet. Those working with trees are no less likely to experience fertility problems than anyone else. The medicine is meant to be taken internally, and the pine bark is just a single component of a larger cocktail.

Those taking the pine bark fertility drug have exhibited increased sperm counts. The studies are ongoing on this product, and it has yet to be determined if these sperm counts will stay as high as they are. Other concerns include worries that the drug may not be effective for everyone. There is still a lot about infertility that is unknown, and there are many factors that can cause infertility. It is certain that one drug will not solve all those problems. But it may be an important component for boosting fertility for a large number of people who suffer this problem.…

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Hidden Ingredients Could Be Causing Infertility

How many people have read the labels on their food and wondered what half the ingredients were? Similar, these incomprehensible ingredients are found on medicine, dietary supplements and other items people use every day.

MSG Is a major Culprit


One of the most common ingredients that is known to affect fertility is MSG (monosodium glutamate). This item exists in numerous foods, particularly in Chinese foods, since their products are often not as closely monitored for toxins.

This product is a known toxin that causes numerous health defects, including brain diseases, growth problems, and infertility. While it usually only exists in trace amounts in foods, the cumulative effects of consuming trace amounts from all the food we eat is considerable.
The FDA has made an effort to cut back on the amount of MSGs present in the foods we at. But because the correlation between MSGs and many of the health problems it is linked to are not conclusive, they cannot ban it outright.

Watch What You Are Putting Into Your Body

When you buy foods, medicine, dietary supplements and other products, you often have numerous choices. Take Garcinia for example. This weight loss product is proven to be very effective in its pure form. But there are many companies out there making versions of the product that only include small amounts of Garcinia. The rest of the product is full of additives, chemicals and other ingredients like MSG that do not actually help with weight loss.

These ingredients are used as preservatives, flavour enhancers and to raise the price of the items they are present in. If people choose to use products that are pure and do not contain numerous chemicals and additives, then they will be healthier, experience fewer health complications and live longer.

Many of the ingredients in the foods we eat and products we use have safer alternatives. By doing the research, savvy consumers can find safe products that have the same effect as the unsafe ones or that work even better.…

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Infertility Rates across the US


For some couples, it may seem like their efforts to conceive are simply not working, placing them in what is surely a minority of the population. But the truth is, about one in six couples experiences infertility. Infertility is considered the inability to become pregnant after about a year of trying to conceive.

What Causes Infertility

So while that may not make anyone feel better about their odds, it should at least allow them to see that their case is not an uncommon one. Infertility is incredibly common, and it can be attributed to a number of causes, many of which may be unknown.

For example, certain environmental factors can contribute to infertility. Radiation from certain types of equipment or from radioactive isotopes can cause infertility. Various environmental toxins may also cause infertility. Exposure to exceedingly warm temperatures on the genitals for long periods of time can cause infertility as well. This could occur with the overuse of a hot tub or similar warming apparatus.

Infertility can also be caused by natural factors, such as advanced age. After a certain age, women have difficulty producing fertile eggs. This process begins around age 30 and any children conceived after that time run the risk of suffering birth defects.

In many cases, however, the cause of the infertility is not known. There is much yet to be learned about the fertility process and what hinders it. While doctors can guess at the problem, even knowing what is the cause may not be enough to provide the couple with a solution.

A Chance for Hope

That’s not to say that once a couple experiences infertility that all their opportunity to have a child is gone. There have been great advances in this field of study over the past decades, and more and more solutions are being discovered all the time. In many instances, fertility boosting supplements can be administered. These can often result in fertility for a couple who have struggled to conceive in the past. This medication is often administered to the female in the couple, though there are similar solutions for males suffering from infertility as well.

Changes in the industrial environment are causing some decreased risk of infertility. It has been noted that people exposed to certain kinds of radiation may suffer from infertility. But with changes to the way power is obtained and consumed, it could mean less radiation would be present in the places where people live and work.

For example, solar energy is replacing nuclear energy in some areas. As nuclear power plants close down, solar energy is starting to take over as a safe alternative to other forms of energy.

Over time, we are likely to see many more advances in the field of infertility studies. Couples who have struggled in the past to conceive may find new hope in developing research.…

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Could Stress Be a Factor in Infertility?


A recent study conducted by UK scientists confirmed that women who have increased levels of stress were having difficulty becoming pregnant. It should be noted that the study was a conducted over a relatively short time and was not able to find a direct link between stress and infertility. But the correlation is worth noting.

About the Study

The women who participated in the study were tested through the stress levels in their saliva. Those who had higher stress levels present in their saliva were found to take more time to become pregnant. Infertility is often defined as the inability to become pregnant over the course of a year. The study was not run long enough to confirm that actual infertility was taking place in women with higher stress levels. The correlation showed that women with noticeably higher levels of stress were about 15 percent less likely to become pregnant. Women in the study who had the highest levels of stress, were found to be 29 percent less likely to become pregnant.


The study was not able to reach any definitive conclusions, and really serves as a prelude to further tests. Like a car locked behind garage doors, we won’t really know how it works until it is allowed out to run for a while. This notion is simply a theory at this point, and women should not become worried that their stress is directly affecting their ability to have a child. The science of infertility recognizes that a number of factors can contribute to the problem, and no one issue is usually at fault. Researchers noted that people who have difficulty becoming pregnant should make some changes in their lifestyles to see if it helps them. If stress reduction is one of those changes, it probably wouldn’t hurt.…

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